Carl U. Eggleston, President

Oliver & Eggleston Funeral Establishment

"Services That's Distinctive  -- Experience The Difference" 

Oliver Community Chapel, Inc

300 Meade St. Crewe VA 23930
The Oliver Funeral Home, located in Crewe, VA, was founded in 1912 by Henry H. Oliver and his wife Nannie. Their son, Mark H. Oliver,  carried on the tradition until his death in 1981. After Mark's death Thurman Oliver, continued the funeral business until his death in 1989. That year, Carl U. Eggleston took over the business and renamed it Oliver & Eggleston Funeral Home. March of 2009 Carl U. Eggleston brought what is now the Oliver Community Chapel and had dedicated it in memory of Henry H. Oliver, Nannie Oliver, Mark H. Oliver, and Thurman Oliver.